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Fix SharePoint 2013's Broken “Add an App” Feature in Oslo

Oslo, one of the default themes in SharePoint 2013 is broken.

Just about every SharePoint user is going to need to create a new List or Library at some point. In SharePoint 2013, the new term Microsoft is using to refer to these objects is “App.”

If you try to Add an App when you are using the Oslo Master Page, SharePoint will show that it is loading… but never resolve.

But do not fret, it can be fixed.

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Link Your Site Logo to Your Root Homepage in SharePoint 2013

On most websites, clicking on the site logo will take you back to the website homepage. Given this established interaction pattern, Microsoft has made an extremely odd choice in SharePoint: instead of bringing you to the homepage, clicking on the site logo takes you to the root page of the current site collection.

Here’s how to fix Microsoft’s mistake in SharePoint 2013.

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Add Custom Stylesheets to SharePoint 2013

Microsoft’s documentation on adding custom stylesheets to a SharePoint site is terrible. Much of the information is merely incomplete or out of date. Some of the information is wrong.

This is an attempt to provide better information.

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Getting Up and Running with Ruby on Rails on IIS

After a mad dash the previous week to compose and deploy a significant number of changes to our website, I decided to try and get Ruby on Rails up and running on the production site.

I’ve been developing the site in HTML5 HAML for structure and backend processing, LESS for presentation management, and jQuery for client side processing. The main content of the pages are in Maruku flavored markdown in most cases (Textile is used for pages with elements that Maruku 0.61 flubbs… like nested lists). All of this allows me to build static pages that load really fast.

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Jekyll - Command Not Found

Jekyll, most of the time you’re pretty awesome but sometimes you can be a real son-of-a-bitch.

I’ve got a dreamhost server and have been trying to use this tutorial to deploy Jekyll via git. Sure, at the end of the tutorial Tate Johnson recommends using a Rakefile and rsync for deployment, but I’m really keen on using git for both version control and deployment.

Basically, I want to turn dreamhost into Heroku.

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New Work

Bike Walk Vote Logo

Creation of the logo for Bike Walk Vote, a political organization supporting active transportation.

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Should Bikes Save the Planet? poster

A poster to advertise the panel discussion opening the Portland Mini Bike Winter festivities.

The event also included 3 movie screenings:

  • Bike Porn 3: Cycle Bound
  • Velo Love
  • MBW09 in 90 Minutes

These were the portland premiere screenings for both Velo Love and MBW09 in 90 Minutes.

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Disjecta Halloween 2009 Poster

Three posters were created to advertise the Halloween show at Disjecta.

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Ample Sample Show Poster

A poster created to advertise the final show of the Portland, Oregon band Ample Sample.

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