Jeff Jacobson-Swartfager


A designer of both physical and digital media and a front end web developer, my work focuses on a positive user experience through storytelling, delight, contextual responsiveness, and progressive enhancement.


Technical Communications Advisor: Advisicon

As the head of the Press department, I managed the authoring, design, and production of our library of instructional books and materials in both print and ebook formats.

I also led the development and maintenance of the Advisicon family of websites: (a static site built off of Sinatra in HAML, LESS, and jQuery), the Advisicon blog (a Wordpress site), and the Advisicon store (a Shopify site). I led and performed the user experience design, testing, and user research of the soon to be released redesigned Advisicon website. This website has been prototyped in Middleman and makes use of SCSS, jQuery, and D3.js. The backend is being developed in Ruby on Rails.

I worked closely with the marketing department in establishing branding guidelines and in developing the brand itself. We’ve built SharePoint enabled Word templates in order to facilitate event flyer generation by non-technical users, custom email design for marketing campaigns, print and web advertisements, coupons, and event booth collateral.

I’ve worked with our developers to build custom business intelligence dashboards in SharePoint 2013 using custom XSLT and CSS and I’ve advised them in UX decisions in a variety of user interactions with SharePoint.

Desktop Publisher: Lingo Systems

At Lingo Systems, I was responsible for layout in translated manuals, schematics, presentations, and information packages to mirror the documents created in the source language. Day to day, this meant making a range of typographic adjustments to control page flow, destination textual legibility and color, and figure context matching.

I used a variety of programs to do this work (the destination format matched the source format), among them: Illustrator, InDesign, CorelDRAW, QuarkXPress, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and FrameMaker.