Jeff Jacobson-Swartfager


Marketing Accessibility Oct 10

When talking to companies about baking accessibility into their products from the beginning, we’ll often spend a lot of attention on the ethical and legal considerations. This is rarely enough for marketing teams and sales teams who are looking to answer questions like, “How can I sell this?” or “How can I use this to attact attention?”

Some will make the mistake of treating accessibility as an add-on package – additional functionality for a fee.

There are other reasons to build accessible products beyond adhering to ethical standards or reducing the risk of litigation. Here are two.

Create QML Apps Without Qt Creator on OSX Dec 31

I wanted to play around with QML, but I didn’t see much point to installing an IDE just to play. Plus, I prefer writing in Vim. Here’s how I did it on OSX.

Safely Customize Master Pages in SharePoint 2013 Oct 28

It is all too easy to create headaches for yourself (or your team) when customizing your SharePoint 2013 deployment. One source of these pains comes from directly editing master files. Whether you are creating a custom layout from scratch or modifying an existing one, take these steps to ensure that you safely customize master pages in SharePoint 2013.

Running List of Squarespace CustomType Fields Jun 22

The following is a list of the known custom field types available through Squarespace’s Developer Program. I’m keeping this list updated here, since the info surrounding these options seems to be getting removed from the Squarespace forum.

Make Your Own Custom Tiles in SharePoint 2013 Jun 4

Creating your own custom tiles is super easy in SharePoint 2013. Organizing them can take a little bit more planning.

The following method will create tiles that will work from theme to theme without needing any further configuration. It will also ensure that you are using a sensible pattern for storing your assets. And, when you were done, it will look like Microsoft made your icon!

Joint Hosting Git Repos on Team Foundation Server and Github Apr 23

Sometimes it is useful to host your code repositories in two different places. This is most likely to happen when you are working on a project that mixes Microsoft and open-source technology. Luckily, Microsoft’s cloud code hosting platform Team Foundation Server (aka, Visual Studio Online) has finally implimented git integration!

The steps are easy, but there are a lot of them.

Prevent SharePoint from Rendering Delegate Controls Apr 14

SharePoint 2013 introduces the Suite Bar, a collection of navigation items including administration menus and links to Newsfeed, OneDrive, and Sites. But, what if you don’t need to display the links to Newsfeed, OneDrive, or Sites?

You have four options:

  1. Remove the delegate control from the Master Page.
  2. Prevent SharePoint from importing the control.
  3. Hide the links with CSS.
  4. Hide the links with JavaScript.

Fix SharePoint 2013's Broken “Add an App” Feature in Oslo Apr 7

Oslo, one of the default themes in SharePoint 2013 is broken.

Just about every SharePoint user is going to need to create a new List or Library at some point. In SharePoint 2013, the new term Microsoft is using to refer to these objects is “App.”

If you try to Add an App when you are using the Oslo Master Page, SharePoint will show that it is loading… but never resolve.

But do not fret, it can be fixed.

Link Your Site Logo to Your Root Homepage in SharePoint 2013 Apr 4

On most websites, clicking on the site logo will take you back to the website homepage. Given this established interaction pattern, Microsoft has made an extremely odd choice in SharePoint: instead of bringing you to the homepage, clicking on the site logo takes you to the root page of the current site collection.

Here’s how to fix Microsoft’s mistake in SharePoint 2013.

Add Custom Stylesheets to SharePoint 2013 Mar 28

Microsoft’s documentation on adding custom stylesheets to a SharePoint site is terrible. Much of the information is merely incomplete or out of date. Some of the information is wrong.

This is an attempt to provide better information.